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Build Practical Programming Skills 


We learn that many students are looking for real programming projects to accumulate working experience and build up their resumes. Thus we create this program to fulfill their career pursuits.


In this program, we will pair you with experts in IT industry and they will guide you to create your first real project. 

How we Differ from School Projects

More Professional:

Our mentors come from the most prestigious IT companies including Amazon and Google. With the most exclusive insights in IT industry, they design for you the projects of real applications . 

More Efficient:

Mentors offer 1 on 1 instructions for you step by step even if you don't have previous exposure to programming.

More Customized:

Mentors will the tailor the projects to your programming background and future career aspirations.

More Beneficial:

Mentors will offer you letters of recommendations and future reference to assist your job applications.

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