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We provide 1 on 1 Mentorship for the students to offer personalized career guides and job application advice. Paired with professionals with profound expertise in particular industries, students are exposed to the latest industry trends and the best practice to nail their dream job. Mentors are widely available through online meetings and phone calls.

  • Resume Edit 

  • Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Behavioral Interview 

  • Technical Interview 

  • Technical Skills 

  • Industry News 

  • OPT/ CPT Application 


Internship Placement

We have established long-term relationships with multiple prestigious US companies encompassing Investment Banking & Private Equity as well as Data Science & IT solutions.  Students are able to learn through real tasks with experienced professionals, which is a huge boost to their personal development.

Guaranteed Placement in:

  • Finance​

  • Accounting 

  • Data Science 

  • Software Engineering 

  • Marketing 



Students are paired with mentors from Silicon Valley IT companies including Amazon, Google, etc. and together they will work on a real CS Projects together. Students have the chance to learn practical programming skills outside the classroom. Recommendation letters will be offered to the students at the end of the program

Research/ Analytics Projects in 

  • Financial Modelling

  • Excel VBA 

  • Java 

  • Tax Research 

  • ERP System 

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