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金融 Finance  投资银行 Investment Banking

数据分析 Data Analytics  软件工程 Software Engineering 

市场 Marketing 会计 Accounting


Position: M&A Investment Banking Analyst Intern

Duration: 4 weeks/ 8 weeks

Format: Onsite (Boston, MA) / Remote


Job Description:


  1. Research industry trends, economic landscapes, competitor analyses, and other company-specific analyses

  2. Research and develop domestic and international buyer lists for current sell-side engagements

  3. Draft presentation materials (pitchbooks, offering memoranda, etc.) for potential and current clients

  4. Develop financial models and extrapolate current financial statements for forecasting

  5. Balance multiple assignments of several projects at a given time

  6. Attend training sessions on the fundamentals of investment banking – how to successfully close sell- and buy-side transactions from start to finish, learn about FINRA, how to draft an offering memorandum, valuations


Versailles Group is offering unpaid four- or eight-week internships for, but not limited to, qualified undergraduate and graduate students. The internship is available both on-site or remote and is designed to help the intern learn in a hands-on environment about mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Interns will have the unique opportunity to work on real live engagements led by the president of the firm. No case studies will be used. The training curriculum is built around the requests of our past and current interns so that you get the most relevant, customized, and valuable experience.

Mr. Grava has earned five FINRA designations: S7, S24, S27, S66, and S79. He also earned a Bachelor of Art in Economics from Yale University and an MBA from Stern School of Business at New York University.

Position: Software Development Intern  

Duration: 4 weeks and more

Format: Remote


Job Description:



Company looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working fulltime/intern to build and maintain a dynamic new website. This opportunity provides the candidates with hands-on learning directly related to full-stack development. We expect the candidates to have previous experience with web development.



  1. Hands-on experience (corporate or freelance) in a web development environment, preferably working on an eCommerce platform

  2. Working with back-end technologies (PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, Perl)

  3. Working with front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript libraries / frameworks, automation tools)

  4. Solid experience to deploy and maintain the website on AWS server

  5. Knowledge to use Google Analytics is a plus


Company Information:

  1. Gold Land LLC is a US-based start-up company focusing on Cross-border e-commerce

  2. We are building a web platform for US market place, with strong resources backed from Shenzhen, China

  3. We want to identify and ship great products from all over the world to the US, with superior design, ultimate quality, and innovation

Position: Quantitative Analysis Intern

Duration: 4 weeks and more

Format: Onsite/ Remote

Job Description:


Projects:  US/CN ABS Deal Library Structuring and Analyzing in Waterfall Editor©


Duties: Produce monthly valuation report by analyzing cash flows data

Qualifications:  Proficiency in Advanced Excel, SQL and in basic quantitative financial analysis


  1. Download deal offering circulars of varies securities issued in US/CN

  2. Extract main variables for Cash Flow Modeling from servicing reports

  3. Build up the capital structures of specific ABS transaction in the WFE

  4. Validate initial pool and collateral data monthly/quarterly released

  5. Calibrate valuation parameters and run monitoring test for primary market

  6. Update existing deals and compile all findings in comprehensive research and

  7. report to CSC senior ABS team


This is a great opportunity for a candidate to learn in detail the mechanics associated with a unique tool of financial analysis at the only firm in its possession.


This will also enable the intern to work with first‐class ABS analysts on cutting‐edge financial technology and to become highly employable as a result.

Position: Investment Banking Analyst Intern

Duration: 4 weeks/ 8 weeks

Format: Onsite/ Remote


Job Description:


  1. Analyzing financial and operating information relating to corporations and industries

  2. Creating statistical exhibits that analyze comparative financial

  3. Building models to depict projected financial results and to value companies including LBO, DCO, PCA

  4. Creating risk profiles

  5. Reviewing deal SWOT

  6. Developing marketing memoranda

  7. Participating actively in the execution of financings and/or M&A transactions

  8. Attending client meeting with Investment Bankers

  9. Participating in client conference calls with Investment Bankers

  10. Presenting Pitch materials to the Investment Banking team

  11. Reviewing the firms “Written Supervisory Procedures” pertaining to IBD

  12. Developing proficiency in performing due diligence


Analysts are placed into one of the investment banking departments. By concentrating your efforts in specific areas, analysts you develop technical proficiency and participate in many aspects of financial transactions which could include stock offerings, mergers and acquisitions, debt financings and private equity transactions.


Investment Banking/Private Equity Analysts are involved with teams including managing directors, vice presidents, associates, and analysts, in an interactive environment where ideas are shared, and creative thinking and individual initiative are encouraged.


Investment Banking/Private Analysts will gain exposure to the firm’s businesses and expanded knowledge of the investment banking industry while developing important analytical skills.


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